How To Find A Good Income Tax Accountant To Do Your Tax Return

Looking for an accountant to help with your tax return is daunting. In fact, everything about your tax return is daunting. Which is why we have put together this guide to choosing the right tax accountant for your needs.

Take Your Time

Before you start, set aside some time to go through all the information and services that different providers have to offer. There’s no point in trying to hire a tax accountant in a rush. Give yourself the time to process all the information you need in order to hire the right person or firm.

You should be looking at a few different candidates when it comes to choosing a tax accountant, so make sure you have the time to do this properly.

Be prepared to sift through professional qualifications, testimonies, CVs, and services offered by all the potential candidates.

Word Of Mouth

There is no better recommendation that those that come through our close contacts. When it comes to looking for a good tax accountant for your personal affairs, you could do much worse than simply asking about.

Whether it is a recommendation from a business colleague, or a family member, personal reputation counts when it comes to choosing an accountancy firm.

Remember, you are looking for an income tax accountant, not a specialist in other areas of tax accountancy. It’s a good idea to start off as close to home as possible, before exploring other options.

Professional Institutions

When hiring a specialist for your personal – or business – tax, be sure to check all the professional qualifications and memberships that your accountant claims to be a part of.

Don’t be afraid to ask to see proof of professional memberships and qualifications – for more information, see our factsheet on professional organisations.

Relevant Expertise

Naturally, you want to engage an accountant who specializes in income tax accountancy, but if you think you may also require additional services, do not forget to check this out when choosing your accountant.

Your First Impressions

When sifting through the information about a tax accountant, ask yourself what are your first impressions of this person or firm?

Is their website professional? Do they have encouraging testimonials from clients? And can you check them?

Finally, how do they respond when you call or email them – are they easy to get hold of and do they return your request promptly?

All these are considerations to bear in mind when hiring an accountant.

What To Expect

When you have chosen an accountant or adviser for your income tax, make sure they set out the terms of their business. You should expect them to send a letter outlining their services in detail.

Likewise, you should aim to keep your adviser up to date about your business and personal details – letting them know in advance if anything changes.

Lastly, be sure to know when you will be billed by your personal tax accountant. A good adviser will always let you know of their charges upfront, as well as whatever charges the HMRC need taking care of, well in advance of the due date.

By setting aside just a little time, you can make an informed decision on who your income tax adviser should be.